Our Process: Professional Development and Beyond

The first realization we had when we started exploring transdisciplinary education -- not to mention the migration crisis -- is how much we have to learn, and that a critical part of launching the TLP would be maintaining a permanent growth mindset to prepare ourselves and to model the idea that learning is an ongoing process for our students.


The second realization is that we have to keep a robust and real-time record of our process because, frankly, we know we are going to need to draw on the community at Marin Academy and far beyond if we are going to succeed in this project. The more people know about what we are doing and about what we want to do, the easier it will be for us to ask for -- and for people to offer -- help when we need it.  The primary venue for our outreach will be this website and the blog that is linked here and at the far right of the main menu above, where you can read about our deliberations, tribulations, confabulations, and other adventures as we design and implement the TLP.


Click through the slideshow below to learn more about our initial forays into professional development. For more information about specifics and budget, click here.

Content Related Professional Development

In addition to reading the texts on the course page, we have both committed to completing an online course through Coursera that provides an overview of global migrations over the course of history. Click the image at right for more information -- and check back for updates as we provide them.