Transdisciplinary Education at Marin Academy

The MA Strategic Plan and the Transdisciplinary Leadership Program
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Marin Academy's Strategic Plan

In 1971, our founders re-envisioned education. They realized—far ahead of their time—the importance of incorporating experiential learning with intellectual development. As these ideals have become a model for education in the 21st century and as more schools adopt elements of our successful approach, we must continue to clarify and to articulate what makes us unique in the world of education. The visionary drive that led to our founding continues to differentiate us. We are committed to pushing the boundaries of what is known today to prepare our students—and our school—for an ever-changing world.

In 2016, a 25-person committee of trustees, parents, alumni, faculty, staff, and administrators began the formal strategic planning process, gathering input from more than 90 faculty, staff, and administrators, and more than 75 parents. The result was a plan that will guide MA's evolution for the next decade.

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What is the Transdisciplinary Leadership Program?

Once the primary goals for the Strategic Plan were in place, MA's Academic Dean KaTrina Wentzel led a two-year exploration to determine what redefining progressive pedagogy meant in the context of a Marin Academy education. While there are many worthy models operating in different schools around the country, we realized that MA would need a unique approach to meet both the objectives of the Strategic Plan and our desire to offer students the best opportunity to engage in hands-on, design-oriented work to enact our mission's charge to accept the responsibilities of education in a democratic society. The Transdisciplinary Leadership Program will not only provide students ways to do real work to solve real-world problems in real time, but also equip them with skills that will transform them into leaders on campus and in the world beyond MA. Flip through the student brochure below to learn about the program, including its four components.